Each person has to find his or her own method to discover their passion. That is why I would like to preface, before writing my thoughts on this, you need to find what works for you. The method of Elon Musk won’t necessarily work for Ghandi. The methods for Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates doesn’t mean everyone should drop out of college to be successful.

As I have started from ground 0, here is how I have searched for my new passion.

  1. Meet Everyone
    This is built upon my experience from approaching thousands of women, but I leveraged this ability to meet as many people as possible through coworking events, meetup groups, fb friends I haven’t connected with in ages. Questions I typically ask are: What do you do? Why do you do it? What skills/knowledge/requirements would you need to excel at what you do?
  2. Assess Yourself
    Track your skills and experiences in life so far. Track both soft skills and hard skills. Figure out what skills you want to leverage and what skills you don’t. (In my case, I wanted to explore something completely outside of education) Analyze what resources you have at your disposal. This may include the amount of money, time, and energy that you have, as well as the close network of friends and family.
  3. Use Your Resources
    If you have money and time, go invest it in yourself through courses or certifications. If you have energy and time, go help anyone and everyone. Check out me other blog on resources.
  4. Be Humble
    This has definitely been one of my biggest lessons during this experience. I had a lot of time and energy to give. One of my good friends and mentors was shorthanded at The Grove, so I worked the front desk for a few hours a week. The job allowed me to connect with many new people and I learned how to make coffee for the first time.
  5. Narrow In
    As much as most of us millenials want to learn everything, you need to hone in as much as possible. For me, I began honing in on product management and absorbed all the information I could. I met with professionals in the field, read books, read articles, watched videos, browsed through sample resumes and portfolios to get the best grasp possible.
  6. (Go Deeper)
    I began to really break apart the paths product managers took and found that most came from an MBA background or UX/UI background. I decided to dive deeper into UX/UI. I searched for mentors who walked that path including Michael Sadeeh and Carri Craver who is now being intentional about mentoring me.

Now I’m giving myself to immerse into design. Putting on the designer cap and glasses, walking through the world and opening myself up to the design that was put into every aspect of our daily lives from physical objects, to digital interfaces, to systems in place.