I just got a text tonight from my uncle saying that my dad’s health wasn’t good and I should spend more time with him. Turns out his kidneys are failing.

Strange how only a few hours before I was completely focused on my own success, striving to become great at design and pursuing my goal of becoming a product manager. But when something like this gets dropped on you, all that fades away. What starts coming to mind are all the times when he asked to spend time with you, as frivolous as they may have seemed. I remember him asking me to drive with him 4 hours out of town to go look at old used cars. I’d be too preoccupied with my work or the pursuit of my dreams and I always felt like they were more important than looking at used cars.

Oftentimes we believe time is so abundant. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for 70 years. 613,200 hours. That’s not that big of a number. If you think about having 1 year left with someone. 365×24 = 8,760, but really, you’re only up for 14 of those hours. That’s 5,110 hours left to spend with someone in a year. Research also showed that people spend nearly 11 hours a day on their devices. That’s about 3 hours left in the day available to connect with people in real life. There you go. 1,095 hours in a year you can spend with someone. Enough of the math.

Point being, how are you spending your time? I’m certainly rethinking my priorities. It sucks that we only truly appreciate things the moment we feel like we may lose them.