I just switched over to the Macbook Pro for the sake of my design career. Switching over has not been painless. Here are a few things that I have been frustrated about since switching.

1. Rigid Scrolling

The scrolling on the pc was so much smoother. I had to download an app (smoothscroll) to smooth out the scrolling. I thought Macs were known for their minimalism. Apparently that minimalism cut some corners.

2. Window Versatility

Maybe I’m not used to it yet, but it’s been extremely difficult to stay organized with all the windows I’ve opened. The Dock just seems so inaccessible. I’m used to snapping my windows to the sides of sreens, by quickly dragging. However, with the mac you have to have the window in window mode first and then hold the green button then you can drag the window to the right place. Also, there’s no easy way to toggle through each individual window like good old alt-tab. Instead I’m only able to toggle to a certain app, the rest of the screens on that app take digging to find. Gotta get used to the mission control/desktops I suppose

3. Volume Mixer

I just can’t fathom a computer not having this. With audio level discrepancies across the board, windows was genius enough to allow the user to adjust the volume for each application independently. The mac has none. OR you can pay a fee to get that feature through another application. Good grief. This has frustrated me a lot as well.

4. Snipping Tool

So I did find a way to snip on Mac, HOWEVER, holding down command + control + shift + 4 for something I use incredibly often during design work is infuriating. Our fingers were not meant to hold such unnatural positions.

Alas, I needed to learn to use Sketch which was only available on Mac. Otherwise, I would have gladly stayed with my PC.