Hey Vinh,
I don’t know why that last response you sent threw me off my feet. I’ve actually spent the past 6-7 weeks thinking about that quesiton carefully. “How to sell myself.” Sure, I could give you my resume and work experience, but really, that doesn’t tell you enough about me. Instead, I’ll tell you this.
    1. I went from literally going days without talking to people in highschool and it was actually painful to speak for long stretches of time to traveling the world having approached over 4,000 women to learn about attraction, communication, and dating.
    2. I went from being terrible at math to obtaining a B.S. in Applied Mathematical Sciences and becoming a high school math teacher.
    3. I went from having no interest in education to being obsessed over this global problem and starting the first democratic school in DFW, an education conference, and youth program.
    4. I have terrible art skills and have now currently learned to sketch and am now devouring everything I can about UX/UI design. (Documenting this on www.theartofyang.com)
In summary, I aim to be great at whatever I do and I will obsess over a vision/mission I believe in whether it be becoming the best man I can be, massively transforming the education landscape, or creating beautiful elegant designs that make people’s lives easier. Knowing this, I believe in what you’re doing and can/will contribute my obsessiveness if you see the opportunity.
All the best,