UX/UI Journey

Mentored by Carri Craver

During my exploration I’ve discovered what I would be interested in pursuing; a product management or product owner position. I’ve also discovered that many of these proffesionals had a lot of experience in UX/UI design which is also another marketable hard skill. With this knowledge in mind, I’ve decided to embark on a journey to develop myself in this area. I was also graced with the opportunity to have Carri Craver as a mentor.

Week 3+

We’ve moved into coordinating my design work over Zeplin. Right now, the main project I’ve decided to pursue is The Social Thread. Check out the link to follow my progress.

Week 2

  • Continue reading best practices for UI elements in Polaris
  • Read voice and tone guidelines for MailChimp and material design
  • Check out slideshow by Stephen Anderson called Stop doing what you’re told.
  • Rewrite your problem/solution statements based on what you learned in slideshow.
  • Pick core value screen for your app idea. Start designing. Do at least 2 versions of that screen. 5 is better.
  • Show that to 4 people for feedback.
May 22 - 29, 2017

Week 1


  • Design Ops – Download Polaris by Shopify. Study the best practices of elements. Find one thing you would improve.
  • Design task- Using Polaris design system elements design login, sign, and password reset for your app



  • (completed) Write a problem/solution statement for your app idea


  • Artboards – learn about them inside and out. – including all shortcut keys
  • only use shortcut keys for moving between layers and renaming them by end of the week.

My Work

  • Plum
  • AirBnb – Inspire