Airbnb - Inspire

May 25, 2017




Thought Process

I applied for the Airbnb – Inspire PM position and wanted to play around with their new program. 

First off, I had to find something similar to their Circle Air font, and decided to use Nunito for the time being.

My idea behind inspire was to have 2 paths. One is the recommended selections based upon the user’s activities on Airbnb (as well as other data collected from social media accounts if allowed). The motif of the presentation is congruent with the rest of the website, but I also added the top keywords for those images to show the user what they have been interested in. These keywords are also clickable if they would like to see more places associated with that word.

The second path is to manually filter locations. Here, I’ve put the 5 most important categories when determining where you want to travel. Each has a drop down menu with options to select from. Activities will drop down a checklist instead and you’d be able to check the activities you’d like to use most. There’s also an advanced tab that opens up much more extensive options.

The footer is directly congruent with the rest of their site.


May 25, 2017