May 29, 2017

May 30, 2017

Thought Process

Today, I decided to make a more aesthetic version of the sign-in screen. I searched for “purple” on pexels and found a good background, brought down the opacity. Then , I searched for a plum symbol for the logo. Then dropped the opacity on the username and password to make it more connected to the background. The sign-in button was then made to pop out more. Also, added fb and twitter sign-ins on the bottom.

Mentor Feedback


  • love the vibrant feel


  • border on input doesn’t match overall design
  • why 3d social logins?
  • why different border radi?
  • combining 3d and flat?
  • it might fit the whole login process if congruent
  • what are the question marks?

Upon getting this feedback, I wanted to bring the attention to the most used buttons (sign in, social media logins). The question marks were there for forgotten usernames or passwords, I could possibly make them more apparent. 

Thought Process

Only unique change to the lock screens are the added words to guide users to emotions (this will be available as an option to be removed in the settings menu). Also added guide to unlock phone once emotion is selected.

Now that I have a mac, I’ve started to work on Sketch. Right now, I’m using the Polaris by Shopify. This mock-up was solely focused on structure vs aesthetics. I wanted to practice keeping in mind all the facets that needed to be included in this type of app.

The login screen present a simple colored text title. There are inputs for the Username and Password. The question marks next to each box are created to be intuitive buttons for forgotten usernames or passwords.

The sign in button is there for structural purposes but should be accented in the next mock-up to slightly draw the user’s eyes there.

There are also options on the bottom to sign in with FB or Google.

In the Password Reset page, a simple email reminder to reset password is sent. Also, I anticipate people working to manage their emotions will be using this app, some may be as extreme as suicidal tendencies or depression so there is a hotline number provided in the case the user needs to log in and is in a dire state.

May 25, 2017

Thought Process

I wanted to explore the lockscreen idea a bit more. I hate having to go through the work of opening up an app to put data in. This lock screen would make it so that you could seamlessly input data through unlocking your phone.

The time/date stayed very visible on the lock screen. The color wheel is a new addition. It’s based off a coordinate system where more mild emotions are located in the middle and gradually become more intense as you move further out. After selecting the nodule, dragging it across the screen will display the particular emotion you’ve landed on. The display would then need to be clicked to confirm and to unlock your phone.

May 24, 2017

Thought Process

First design for Plum. Thought of making a user account page. This screen would show up when you open up the application. 

Not Lydia? – In the case the user has multiple accounts, they can click here to change accounts.

Profile Picture – Picture and name 

Time/Date – considered making this a lockscreen so I wanted the time and date more visible.

Color Swatches – hadn’t completely thought through whether or not I wanted this to be a menu bar of sorts or for them to be correlated with emotions

Slidebar – Select the intensity of emotion you’re feeling

Send – sends data in