Web Design


Skye Charlie is a lover of all things fashion and beauty and can be found directing runway shows, photoshoots, and more. 

My thought process behind her website was to create an elegant design that combined the clean look of modern day fashion to the vibrant culture of the African American community.

Skye Charlie Website


The Capacitor was a passion project of mine to promote entrepreneurship in the youth of DFW. 

My thought process behind the website was to align with the motif of the capacitor and electricity. The yellow and black along with the art deco style conveyed a more modern and professional look that would attract youth looking to join something cool vs a kid’s program.

The Capacitor Website


Alt Path was another passion project of mine. The goal was to become a TED-style conference focused on non-traditional career paths and alternative education.

The thought process behind the website was extremely difficult to land on. Thoughts that crossed through my mind were to adhere to the educational aspect, promote the local community, or invite a more professional audience. Ultimately, it landed somewhere inbetween them all. If I were to do it all over again, I would include images from the 2017 conference.

Alt Path Website